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Sale Of Goods Agreement Philippines

When the goods are delivered to the buyer after authorization or trial period, at the satisfaction or on similar terms, the property is transferred to the buyer: «buyer» — that is, the person, company or company that buys goods; «business,» that is, Hilti (Philippines) Inc. «Con-tract» or «contracts» — refers to all agreements between the company and the purchaser regarding the purchase of the company`s goods by the purchaser; «goods»: products, objects or goods related to construction manufactured and/or sold by the company and acquired by the purchaser in accordance with the terms of the contract; The buyer has the right to check the goods when the buyer arrives. Within 3 days of delivery, the Buyer must notify the Seller of any claim relating to the quality or grade condition of the goods or non-compliance with this Agreement, specifying the basis of the right by fax or recognized night delivery service such as FedEx. The seller may, depending on his choice, check the goods with the buyer to confirm that the merchandise is not compliant. The buyer`s failure to comply with these conditions within the time frame set here constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the goods by the buyer. In the event that the goods do not comply with this agreement, the buyer`s only recourse and the seller`s exclusive obligation are to replace the merchandise at the seller`s expense or to award the purchase price of the non-compliant merchandise to the purchase price of the purchase. In this case, the return, which is expensive, is the seller`s sole responsibility. 2.3 The buyer bears the costs of VAT and all other taxes on turnover provided by law. The buyer frees the business from any debt resulting from the subsequent use or sale of the goods by the buyer. A sales contract may be terminated (by termination) in case of non-payment of the price (condition of dissolution) or sued (by a special benefit). In cases relating to the property, a sales contract is as follows: if goods are shipped and delivered by the bill of lading to the seller or his representative or at the behest of the seller or his agent, the seller reserves ownership of the goods.