Usq Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

For workers whose terms of employment are covered by a written agreement or a contract with the university, wages are set under this agreement. Nominations: Senior Positions Procedure provides more details. This directive applies to all staff members authorized to the corresponding positions, as described in the corresponding procedures. The university will strive to ensure that workers have a set of appropriate and fair wage rules and rights with respect to their employment and in accordance with the provisions of the USQ Enterprise Agreement. The university may offer salary costs to attract and/or retain skilled staff if it is proven that there are difficulties in recruiting and/or hiring workers in specific positions or occupational categories, as other employers offer much more attractive wages and conditions. The university will provide all staff with a description of their position to ensure that they have a clear understanding of work objectives and position requirements; and to ensure that a solid foundation is created for recruitment, selection, personnel development and performance management objectives. Conservation, attraction, expenses, reward, salary, market load, job evaluation, classification, level, academic position, professional position, PCS, position description, annual, personal, sick, parents, care, compassion, long service, holidays, professional development, exchange, jury service, major sports competitions, defense, labour relations, emergencies, choices, holidays without pay, work allowance, salary packaging, salary victim, REMSERV, Supernination, super, wages, salaries, systems, UniSuper, QSuper, TESS, defined benefit benefits system, accumulation account, retirement, recruitment, hiring, uniform, allowance, grant, corporate branding, workwear, protective clothing, professional clothing, professional wardrobe, PSA, Corporate Image Positioning Standards (PCS) for professionals and academics indicate the appropriate level of skills, knowledge and experience required for the respective functions. For the purposes of this directive, academic staff are defined in accordance with point 4.2.3 of the USQ Enterprise Agreement. The university wants to ensure that the classification of positions reflects the comparable value of employment and market value by introducing formal valuation methods to determine appropriate position classifications. Eligible workers are entitled to an optional range of factory clothing, made available and subsidized annually by the university. All employees have the right to sacrifice a cash component of their gross salary against superannuation. These requirements are intended to enhance the reputation and attractiveness of the university as an employer of choice and to contribute to employee engagement and engagement. The amount and conditions are set on the basis of the level of wage maintenance of a given region in a comparable market, taking into account specific qualification and specialisation requirements, the availability of resources and, for existing workers, the performance of the worker in the workplace.