Violation Of User Agreement Meaning

All the terms roughly used in this user contract, which are not defined differently, have the meaning outlined in the glossary. They do not make us responsible for the actions or inaction of other users. In addition, we cannot guarantee continuous or secure access to our services and the operation of the site may be affected by many factors beyond our control. If you violate, violate, do not comply or are in contradiction with any part of the Agreement, we may use your account/profile, your ability to access,/or use the service, and/or the agreement, including, but not limited to, our alleged obligations under this Agreement, with or without notice, in addition to our other remedies, to terminate, suspend, suspend and/or restrict the agreement. In addition, we may restrict, restrict or deny future access, visits and/or use of the Service or other products or services we provide. We reserve the right to take, in addition to our other remedies, any technical, legal and/or other measures that we deem necessary and/or appropriate, with or without notice, to prevent violations and implement the Agreement and correct alleged violations. You acknowledge and accept that, as part of this agreement, we have the right to be referred without issuing a loan in order to terminate or prevent any violation or violation of your obligations arising from the agreement. As used in this agreement, the following terms have the following meanings: CERTAIN THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS REQUIRES THAT YOU AGREE TO THEIR ADDITIONAL TERMS, CONDITIONS, CONTRACTS, AGREEMENTS AND/OR RULES. COMPLIANCE WITH THESE ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS, CONTRACTS, AGREEMENTS AND/OR RULES IS ITS SOLE RESPONSIBILITY AND DOES NOT AFFECT THE ONGOING COMMITMENT TO COMPLY WITH THE AGREEMENT WHEN USING THE SERVICE. WE DISCLAIM ALL AND ALL READABLES ASSOCIATED WITH THE ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS. We have agreements with some of these third parties that require us to provide certain information and to pass on certain responsibilities to you.

For these third parties, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the agreement is reached between you and us; third parties are not parties to the agreement; (ii) third parties and their parent, subsidiaries and affiliates are the intended third beneficiaries of the agreement, and after agreeing to the terms of the agreement, third parties have the right (and it is presumed that they have accepted the right to enforce the agreement against you); (iii) any licence granted to you by a third party under this service-related contract is limited to a non-transferable licence for the use of the service on the device concerned, authorized by the relevant third party provider that you own or control, and which the applicable rules of use of that third-party provider allow; (iv) third-party providers are not required to use the functionality or content of the service, nor to provide service-related maintenance or support services; (v) if the service does not comply with an applicable guarantee, you may be able to inform the third party provider of the refund of all or part of the amount you paid for the corresponding part of the service (up to the ceiling allowed by current legislation, no third party has any other guarantee obligation with respect to the service); (vi) third parties reserve the right to review any unauthorized commercial use of its content at any time; and vii) third parties are not responsible for addressing claims from you or third parties regarding service or possession, access, visit and/or use of the service, including and without limitation (a) claims of liability as a result of the product; (b) any allegation that the service does not comply with applicable legal or regulatory requirements; and (c) rights arising from consumer protection or similar legislation; and (vii) in the case of a claim, whether the service or your possession, access, visit and/or use of the service is the