WordPress License Agreement Plugin

Step 1: ApproveMe`s WP E signature requires a few more plugins/add-ons to help you unleash full power and automate WP forms and digital signatures that are legally binding. The following plugins are required: In addition to all other terms of this Agreement, you cannot rent, rent, license, sublicensor or distribute the software or part of this software granted independently or as part of your application; (ii) remove any mention of copyright, trademark or other title to the software or its copies; (iii) make copies, with the exception of a backup or archiving copy, for temporary emergency purposes; (iv) to use the licensed software for the benefit of another person or organization; (vii) reverse engineering, decompilation or dismantling of licensed software. (viii) Allow third parties to access, use or support licensed software. Step #3 shows a well formatted chord. I entered our contract, and it presents itself as a long, run-on-paragraph, although I tried to format it in the description field. How can I format the text? Your site`s URL WordPress.com. When you create a website on WordPress.com, you get free use of a website in possession of a website, such as yourgroovysite.wordpress.com or mollys.food.blog. You are not allowed to participate in «domain squatting,» resell an inappropriate number of sub-domains (as defined by us) or sell access to sub-domains. Domain name. We act as registrar and also work with external registrars to provide domain name services.

If you register a domain to WordPress.com or transfer an existing domain to WordPress.com, the registration rules apply and you will be bound by the terms and conditions of the registrar concerned. Depending on the domain, in addition to these conditions, you may be subject to the terms of the machine`s domain name registration agreement, Key-Systems GmbH`s registration agreement, The Tucows Domain Inc. registration agreement or this domain name registration agreement. If you register a domain, you must agree with the corresponding domain registration agreement. If you haven`t noticed it, you can check it at any time. On the Domain Registration Agreements page, you`ll find instructions on how to determine which domain registration agreements apply to you and your domains. These registration conditions are added by reference to these conditions. 8. DURATION AND TERMINATION. The licence granted in this contract is valid until termination. The duration of the agreement and the granting of the license begins from the date you accept this Contract and download the Software. You can terminate the license and this contract at any time after a written notification prior to the Seller.

The seller may terminate the licence and this contract in writing at any time to indicate that you or your agent has not paid the amount owed to the creditor under this Agreement. This license also expires automatically if you do not comply with any of the other terms of this contract. By terminating this contract, you agree to immediately destroy all printed copies and remove all electronic copies of all documents you have downloaded, printed or created in connection with the Software, and to ensure that no copies of the screens, data or other contents of the software will be archived or stored on your computers.