Chase New Digital Agreement

We are not responsible for losses, damages or injuries direct, indirect, individual, indirect, exemplary or consecutive, including loss of earnings resulting from or related to the addition of a Chase card to a portfolio, your access or your use of a portfolio. With the utmost respect for the law, we reject any guarantee, guarantee and condition (explicit, implied, legal or otherwise, including, but not limited to the guarantee of marketing and suitability for special use, title and non-counterfeiting of property rights) regarding all portfolios and any information, products and contents contained in portfolios or accessible in portfolios. Earlier this year, rumours circulated that the bank would cut hundreds of jobs as part of a wider overhaul of its operations as customers increasingly access banking services via mobile phones or digital platforms. We can terminate these conditions at any time. We may also change these conditions at any time or add or remove items under these conditions. Your use of a Chase Card in a wallet, after providing such changes, will be considered your consent to the changes. We will inform them on legal request. We can also assign these conditions. In addition, in accordance with current legislation, we may at any time (i) stop using a Chase card in connection with a wallet, (ii) modify or suspend the type or dollar amounts of authorized transactions with wallet-related chase cards, (iii) modify the authorization of a Chase card to be used with a wallet and/or (iv) change the Chase Card authentication process. You can`t change these conditions, but you can cancel these conditions at any time by removing all Chase cards from the wallet.

You cannot give up these conditions. JPMorgan Chase said fintechs had until July 30 to sign new data access agreements with the bank and agree to a plan to no longer use customer tags to collect data, sources told Reuters. You agree (i) that you do not have website-related activities that violate the law, regulations or terms of an agreement you may have with JPMorgan Chase and (ii) if you need to identify the websites on the website, you will have economically appropriate security procedures and controls in place to limit access to your password or other information identifying authorized persons. These conditions for adding your Chase card to a third-party wallet (the «Conditions») apply if you want to add a Chase credit card, prepaid card or debit card («Chase Card») to a digital wallet or other third-party-managed payment service or in the possession of a third party («Wallet»). Under these conditions, «you» and «you» refer to the Chase cardholder, and «we,» «we,» «our» and «Chase» refer to the issuer of your Chase Card, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. The website and the website contain separate terms and conditions that apply in addition to these conditions.