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The Agreement Is Made In Duplicate

b) This agreement was signed in English and Ukrainian, for example.B. In the event of a dispute, the Ukrainian version is a priority. This agreement was concluded in two counter-pieces of the same validity of each language version. Part 1 retains one consideration, Part 2, the other; or (e) the agreement is established in four Ukrainian-language copies, retained by each contracting party. All copies are applicable in the same way; Or, while choosing the right option to interpret or/and translate terms, clauses and definitions into legal practice is not always a breeze, I firmly believe that the following analysis of the composition of model agreements for purchase and advice will be of great use and importance. In daily practice, lawyers are usually mixed with the dilemma of the variety of options, at first glance, suitable for translation. Therefore, the question «What is the reference and who actually asks it?» is more than justified. Below is an attempt to choose the appropriate layout required in this section or in another part of the legal document. But it`s not a set of practical rules like «How to make your deal perfect?» Nor is it an ambition on my part to pretend to introduce a «Fit for all» reference. Instead, the article focuses on 10 model sections, including clauses with the multitude of [italic» options chosen accordingly, which can be widely used in the composition of the match. In this regard, the final choice of the alternatives mentioned below depends, of course, on each case. b) This agreement is concluded, for example.

B on January 12, 2005, by and between Part 1 and Part 2; or amendments and complements to this agreement are implemented by annexes/amendments/amendments/amendments/amendments/appropriate amendments that constitute an indivisible/inseparable/integral part of this agreement and which have the same force or are equal with it or are also mandatory/authoritarian or by means of additional agreements; Clearly irreplaceable in the Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English translation practice, the following extension offers us as it should be: close/enter/enter/realize/come/come/negotiate/work on agreement) (s.17 «Agreement»). c) This agreement is concluded in The Ukrainian and English languages in two or three languages. In case of differences, priority is given to the English version of the agreement. All the appendices covered by article — are inseparable from this agreement; or within the maximum/complete perimeter authorized by law, part1 is in no way responsible. B of business loss, loss of reputation, reputation or good in or any other form of indirect or subsequent damage, whether negligent, breach of contract, breach of legal obligations or any other form of non-compliance with legal obligations or any other form, regardless of Part 2`s disclosure of the likelihood/likelihood of indirect or consequent loss; Parties may make changes or additions to this agreement, for example. B in a manner consistent with the signature requirements of this agreement or an addendum; Contracting parties may denounce this agreement, for example.B.